Dokita stands for “Doctor” in many countries in the continent of Africa, and 24/7 means our doctors are available to you for consultation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Dokita247 is a “Lifestyle” company that has developed a Telemedicine solution that allows a user instant access to to see board-certified doctors, anywhere in the world at anytime.  Users can obtain a diagnosis and/or prescription-referral within minutes of logging on, all without leaving home or work.

Dokita247 is on track to become the largest and most comprehensive Telemedicine company in the world by eventually having doctors in every country.  We aim to be the nations first and largest Telehealth platform, delivering on-demand healthcare anytime, anywhere, via mobile devices, the internet, video and phone. Our solution will connect our members, with our over 1,000 board-certified physicians and behavioral health professionals who treat a wide range of conditions and cases from acute diagnoses such as upper respiratory infection, urinary tract infection and sinusitis to dermatological conditions, anxiety and smoking cessation.

Our objective is to deliver value driven electronic healthcare solutions to served and under-served populations across the world-wide, with the intent to ensure quality of service and cost savings to clients and subscribers while ensuring improved qualitative earnings and patient reach for medical service providers on the platform, with a promise to provide a globally acceptable standard of care.

  • To positively impact improvement in healthcare delivery through seamless interaction between medical service providers, patients and technology across areas of service
  • To positively impact value to providers in terms of earnings, patient reach, value to patients, quality of service provision and practice bureaucracy
  • To positively impact healthcare delivery to under-served patients in remote locations using practical electronic and communication technologies including SMS, telephone and video conferencing
  • To be the global Telehealth service provider with the most scalable technological platform, able to navigate geographic, population and financial differences across providers, subscribers and clients while maintaining

Contact Us

Dokita247, Inc.
540 East McNab, Suite C
Pompano Beach, FL 33068

Monday-Friday: 8 a.m ? 8 p.m
Saturday: 8 a.m ? 5 p.m
Sunday: Closed
?Our doctors are available 24/7?

1.844.DOKITA.2 (1.844.365.4822) Ext. 700

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